All attendees at our Family Camp must register for catering and health/safety purposes.

CYC Waihola Family Camp is a camp of fellowship, teaching, discussion, great fun, good food and above all, getting closer to to the Lord through Scripture!

The camp is for all families, couples and individuals that desire to dig deeper into the historic faith of the Scriptures. We will hear have daily teaching slots from various speakers, including apologetics every morning at family camp. We have programmes running for all children and teens, and awesome afternoon activities for families!

CYC Waihola puts together this camp believing that the Bible is fully inspired by God and is the final authority on all matters of the Christian faith. We are really excited to have you!


Nic Blackie

Nic has been a favourite speaker at our apologetics camps. Join him as he explores ‘The Culture,’ examining its challenges and why it often opposes Christianity. Discover ‘The Reasons’ for confidently believing in Christianity, and learn how it brings ‘The Goodness’ to society, countering the notion that it is toxic. Nic will also challenge you with ‘The Mission’ to be ambassadors for Christ, preaching the gospel, loving others, and standing for truth. Don’t miss these inspiring talks!

Geoff McPherson

Geoff is the principal of Grace Theological College. He will be our main speaker for two sessions every day. We are really excited to hear him speak!

Geoff Lloyd

Geoff Lloyd has spoken at many CYC camps, and is currently serving at Wyndham Evangelical Church. He will be delivering our evening sessions at Family Camp – you don’t want to miss out! 


Good Food

Amazing food is a well known feature of our CYC family camps each year

Children's Program

This year Hamish Smith is running our children's programme for children in school years 1-6 only.

Teenage Program

This year Annalise Copland, our Ministry Coordinator, is running our teenager's programme for teens in school years 7-11 only. We will have daily Bible studies together, as well as games, fellowship, fun and food!

Afternoon Activities

At Family Camp we always have an array of classic CYC activities, with some additional down time ideas added in. Our afternoon activities will be a great time!

The Family Camp committee expects all those at camp to attend all meetings, fully support the camp programme and happily observe the posted camp rules. You will also be expected to assist with camp duties where possible.

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