One way you can get involved right now is by praying. Pray for financial provision, enough volunteers, safety for campers and leaders, but ultimately, pray that campers’ lives would be impacted greatly by the ministry at CYC Waihola.

Lead / Volunteer

Our camps do not run without enough people “on the ground.” This means we are always looking for people to serve by leading, speaking, being camp parents/grandparents, directing, or cooking. We also need help cleaning and doing maintenance in our winter season. If you’re interested in any of the above, please contact us or check out our volunteers page!


Being a nonprofit organisation, our generous donors enable us to do what we do. Whether that is through sponsorships, donated items or consistently financially supporting us, we are incredibly thankful for every donation we recieve. These are also tax deductible, with reciepts issued at the end of every financial year. 

Society Membership

CYC Waihola is an incorporated society, owned and managed by its society members. The ability for us to serve and minister in future can only be done through a strong and broad membership base.