50th Anniversary Weekend: Expectations of Attendance

As you join us to celebrate 50 years of Christian Youth Camp Waihola Incorporated – the organising committee expects the following.

  • We expect you to attend all meetings and fully support the weekend program for the days you attend.
  • For your safety and well-being expect you to abide by the directions of the weekend staff and the following posted rules:
    1. No alcohol, drugs and firearms are allowed on the property
    2. No smoking is allowed on the property and the use of candles in any building is prohibited.
    3. You are expected to have lights out and the camp quiet by 11:00 pm, with no noise between then and 7:00 am.
    4. Motor vehicles to be operated under 15km/h and keep to the driveways and parking areas. Vehicles not to be operated after 10:30 pm.
    5. Dogs and pets are not permitted on the property.
    6. Furniture or mattresses are not to be moved without permission from the Camp Managers.
    7. Fire escapes and fire extinguishers are out of bounds except in emergency.
    8. All sheds and store areas are out of bounds. Leave all gates as you find them.
    9. All equipment to be returned to its proper place after use. Handle all equipment with care and please report all breakages.

The CYC Waihola property is here for your use by God’s provision through His people and for His Glory – this is why we are celebrating 50 years of CYC Waihola ministry.