CYC Camp Photos 2015


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Want to view all the fun from the 2015 CYC Waihola¬†Camps?? Follow the links ūüôā

All photos are uploaded in high quality so they can be downloaded and printed.

2015 Tramping Camp

2015tramping-cover-01View photos from the 2015 Trampingr Camp here: Via Facebook

NZ is a big playground and our annual tramping camp is a great opportunity to get into it. This year we will were tramping in the Snowden Forest area near Mavora lakes.

Some of the scenes for Lord of Rings was filmed in this area (see this link ‚Äď but don’t worry we didn’t¬†run into any Orcs.


2015 Cavalcade Camp

2015 Cavalcade CampView photos from the 2015 Girls Winter Camp here: Via Facebook 

Girls brought their own horse and we trekked for three days through some beautiful East Otago back-country whilst exploring God’s creation and sleeping in wool-sheds and back-country huts.


2015 Girls Winter Camp

2015 Girls Winter CampView photos from the 2015 Girls Winter Camp here: Via Facebook or Flickr

Although we were all tired of being cold around, we can’t deny how much we all loved FROZEN! Our Disney Frozen camp featured a full programme of full time excitement and fun. We learnt songs, enjoyed CYC activities and make crafts all from our favourite movie, Frozen.


2015 Boys Winter Camp

2015 Boys Winter CampView photos from the 2015 Boys Winter Camp here: Via Facebook or Flickr

Ranches, Horses, Cows, Trails, and good old ‘Grub’. This was¬†an exciting and memorable week of Wild West Camp, filled with new games and the classic fun CYC activities such as go carts, flying fox, archery, horse riding and air rifles.


2015 House Party Camp

2015housepartycamp-cover-01View photos from the 2015 House Party Camp here: Via Facebook or Flickr

We discovered the artist that resides within us as we did¬†all sorts of activities like cupcake decorating, jewellery making, arts and crafts, make-up photo shoots and some sweet outdoor fun! Come along and make some new friends while you’re here.


2015 Pony Camp

View photos from the 2015 Pony Camp here.

Here at CYC we love all things equine and we want to share this love with you ‚Äď learn to ride, do cool activities on your horses and make new friends.

This Pony Camp was themed around “English Riding”.


2015 Boys Summer Camp

View photos from the 2015 Boys Summer Camp here.

There is nothing quite like the Olympics. The excitement and drama commands the attention of the whole world.

In this fast moving camp included races, games, crafts, music, song, bible stories, videos, gold medals and all the usual CYC Waihola classic activities such as go carts, flying fox, archery, kayaks and air rifles along with lots more.


2015 Girls Horse Trek

View photos from the 2015 Girls Horse Trek here: Via Facebook or Flickr

This ‚Äėsweet as‚Äô camp had girls trekking through the back country in serenity and quiet on the back of a horse¬†to places that give you awesome views with some other pretty cool people. Getting into God‚Äôs creation and explore it.

2015 Girls Summer Camp

View photos from the 2015 Girls Summer Camp here: Via Facebook or Flickr

In the 2015 Go for Gold Summer Girls Camp the girls were all athletes in a Olympic setting. They participate actively and imaginatively in the Olympic-stlye sports, we share with them the good news about the race with Jesus and encourage them to start running and go for gold.

View youtube video here


2015 Adventure Camp

View photos from the 2015 Adventure Camp here.

You can’t beat a trumpet and you certainly can’t beat Adventure Camp for the most fun you will have this summer!!¬†We spent the week soaking up the summer sun as you do all manner of “sweet as” adventure activities which included: Paint-ball, ¬†Kayaking, Sailing, Tubing, Hunting, Raft Building, Horse Riding,¬†“Survivor – Lake Waihola”, Adventure Masters:¬†Search and Rescue,¬†high ropes¬†and much much morecaving,¬†abseiling¬†and rock climbing

View youtube video here