Fusion Collaborative Leadership Event


About Fusion

CCNZ (Christian Camping New Zealand) is flying over two vibrant speakers from Australia along with another speaker from the North Island to Waihola for a combined leadership weekend. We are combining with Tirohanga Camp (Dunedin), Lakeland Park (Queenstown) and Camp Columba (Pukerau) to be encouraged, develop our Christian walk and learn more about what it is to be an effective leader in Christian Camping.

Come and learn from three of the best. Alice will share the overarching narrative of God’s kind of leadership, alongside Chis & Gretchen, who will use the language of values to help you grow in your practical leadership skills.


I would like to invite you to attend this sweet weekend away at CYC Waihola. If you are able to attend please register at the Christian Camping website here –  http://www.christiancamping.org.nz/collaborativeleadershipevents (do make sure you register for the Waihola event !!)

You must register to attend this camp

The cost of the weekend is $41.75 – and you can pay online with credit card. If paying this camp fee is the only thing stopping you from attending then get in touch with me at the office and we will sort something out for you 🙂

Chris & Gretchen Mitchell 
Chris, a would-be professional golfer and Gretchen, an avid beach goer and food connoisseur, first met on the ballroom dance floor. Today they run ‘Lighthouse Leadership-Psychology & Training’ where they use their teaching and counselling skills to help people grow in their value, identity and purpose.

Alice Adams 
If you are looking for Alice, you’ll find her outside with a friend by her side and a coffee in her hand. Alice’s dream is for you to encounter the love and life of God. She has spent a lot of time with young adults as a leader, mentor and teacher. She currently works with a bunch of different ministries to help people discover who God created them to be.

Weekend Program
Session topics include:

  • You are Chosen
  • Facing your Giants
  • Stronger Together
  • Restoration
  • Leadership of Love/Honour
Sample Session Outline – “Facing your Giants Part 2”
  • Icebreaker
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Role Play Activity
  • Activity & Debrief
  • Teaching
  • Quiet Reflection Time