2017 Family Camp Talks

Here are the talks from  the 2017 Family Camp:

Speaking with the enemy: Lessons from Jesus’ conversations with those who opposed Him

Speaker: Geoff Lloyd
Description: As we try and live like our saviour, we inevitably encounter resistance and questions just like He did. This week we’ll look at several occasions in Mark’s Gospel when Jesus responded to his enemies’ questions and traps. My prayer is that as we see the Master at work, our love and awe of Him will grow and we will be better equipped to face the challenges of our friends and neighbours.


Grace in Affliction: The Story of Joseph

Speaker: Erik Stolte
Description: It’s a well known story full deception, a murder plot, betrayal, injustice and eventual rise to power. The story of Joseph has held readers spellbound for centuries. But what is it really about? Well, its not so much about Jacob, Joseph, or even the brothers. It’s really the great story of how the sovereign God of all grace deals with weak, afflicted, sinful characters … like us.


Martin Luther – his life and times

Speaker: David Bayne
Description: This year is the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg so David will be speaking on Martin Luther – his life and times and the flowering of the Reformation.