• Get out your calendars and book in the 22nd June 2019.

*Where? CYC Main Lodge
*When? Saturday June 22nd. 5:45pm-8:30pm (or 6-8:30)
*Who? Anyone who has been a leader at CYC; also open to friends and family. Bring teams of 4-6.
*Costs? $5 to contribute to the pizzas, if you want to join us for tea.
We will be running an EPIC quiz night. This is for all ages, with topics such as biblical, movies, social events and who said this and many more. Come along at 5:45pm for a shared pizza tea. Then we will get into the epic quiz, which will go to about 8:30. Snacks and dessert will be provided, there will also be a children’s movie on in the upstairs lounge for the kids or when things start to get to competitive. Even if you dont have a full team or its just you still come along and we’ll join you in with someone. Prizes are up for grabs so start refreshing, dust out the newspaper and get your friends and family excited!

click down below to enter your team and let us know if you are comming.

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