It is our desire that everyone gets the chance to attend CYC Waihola camp so our camp fees are set 28% (on average) BELOW the cost of running them.
However, we do understand that the camp fees may still be out of reach for some due to many different circumstances so we have the following options available to assist as we believe the inability to pay for camp fees should never stop a camper from coming to our camps:

To apply for OSCAR subsidies

MSD has an online tool to help families see what might be available to them in the way of financial assistance (including OSCAR subsidies) please visit to see if you might qualify for OSCAR subsidies for our camps. Ensure you chpose yes for the “Do you or your partner pay, or intend to pay, for this child to go to an OSCAR programme, for at least 3 hours a week?” question for each child you are intending to enrol.

To apply for OSCAR subsidies (OSCAR subsidies are only available for children 5 years old to 13 years old):

  • Enrol your child in a CYC Camp  – indicate on the enrolment form you are applying for OSCAR subsidies.
  • Ring Work and Income on 0800 559 009and ask for an OSCAR subsidy form to be sent to you.
    • You need to also ask that your request is placed on record.
    • It is important you ring Work and Income before the CYC camp starts for this request to be placed on record.
    • No subsidies can be applied for after camp starts.
  • When the OSCAR subsidy form arrives – complete your section.
  • Send the form to the CYC office for us to complete our section and we will return it back to you via post
  • Take your completed OSCAR subsidy form into your local Work and Income office along with all supporting documentation required.

This process only needs to be completed once if your child comes back to another camp the following holidays as simpler declarations are sent out to you for the subsequent holiday periods.

To apply for CYC Sponsorship

CYC Waihola has a small sponsorship fund to help low income families pay for camp fees. Sponsorship is only available to those campers that have already tried but have failed to meet criteria for OSCAR subsidies. CYC Waihola’s sponsorship fund is available purely at the CYC office’s discretion and is subject to funds’ availability. 

  1. Enrol your child in a CYC Camp – indicate on the enrolment form you are applying for sponsorship in the camp fees section.
  2. Complete the sponsorship request form online here. If you have any questions, email our Ministry Coordinator at