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2021 Annual Report


RSVP for AGM and Fellowship Day

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2022 Adventure Camp

About this Camp

Come along for a Waitangi Weekend, Action Packed, Dunedin Survivour edition of our Adventure Camp
Gather your friends and get along…. 
Will you be able to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast?

Camp Features

Here is some of the features you will get to experience at this camp..


Scuba Diving



Camp Speaker

Geoff Lloyd will be joining us for another year at Adventure Camp. 

Talks will be based around

 Survivor: Overcoming Your Fears and Challenges

Today many of us are faced with fears and challenges that we often ignore or do not know how to handle.

Through Geoffs talks we will explore

  • How Christ can equip us to approach and deal with fears and challenges
  • What we can do when faced with these fears and challenges. 
  • Explore examples from the bible

2022 Girls Summer Camp

About this Camp

An ancient land awaits you
Discover a land of tradition, filled with blossoms and fierce warrior women. 

Come along and not only enjoy our traditional CYC activites but join in on some awesome Mulan themed games and activities… 

Camp Features

Here is some of the features that you might get to experience at this camp…

Archery Tag​

Disc Golf

Mountain Boarding


Rifle Shooting


Zip Lining

AGM & Fellowship day – 26th June 2021

Come join us for our 2021 AGM.

9 am at the Main Lodge

A great time of celebration and thanksgiving for the year that has been and a time of planning for the year ahead. All welcome. 

Fellowship Day.

  • Meet at camp at 10:30 am.

Our AGM will finish around 10 am with a morning tea so feel free to come then to have a cuppa before we get started. We will work from 10:30 till lunch, refresh & be encouraged by a testimony or devotion & get back into it or call it a day! We would love to see you there old, young, new, you’ve been here a hundred times, the more the merrier, and join in a day of work and fellowship!

  • If you can, bring a plate for a shared lunch/Bring your own lunch but don’t worry we will have something to cover if you don’t bring anything.

Jobs/tasks for the day…

  • Planting. Our main aim for the day is going to be planting a tonne of seedlings over the property, it doesn’t matter if you’ve done this before this is a job for everyone!

  • If you would rather do something less muddy there is always spring cleaning, windows, odd jobs to be done around the campsite.

What to bring…

If you are able to please bring the following items:

  • Personal Safety Equipment: Safety glasses, Gardening gloves, Earmuffs, Etc.
  • Bring/Wear Gumboots & clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy.
  • Bring any spades, Shovels, gardening gloves, planting gear you have.
  • If you can bring a plate for a shared lunch we will have something to cover if you don’t bring anything.
  • Any Pruning gear you have.

RSVP to AGM and Fellowship Day

2021 Leadership Training Weekend


Come along to our training weekend and learn

  • How to safely run our Archery, Air Rifles and Bubble Soccer Activities- through hands on experience
  • Tips and Tricks for getting harnesses at the Zipline on and off fast
  • How to retrieve a stray camper on the zipline
  • How to preform a midline rescue (it sounds scarier than it is… we promise!)
  • How to clean a toilet the CYC way, as well as other duties 
  • How to run our exciting “new/old” activity of go-carting… YES IT’S COMING BACK!

As well as …

  • Guest speakers (so secret even we don’t know who they are yet)
  • New games for down time
  • Hanging out and getting to know each other better
  • PLUS Awesome camp food!

2021 Family Camp – Talks

2021 Backcountry Tramping Camp

About this tramping camp

Our backcountry tramping camp is for older teenagers that have a bit more stamina. This year we head into the glorious Greenstone and Caples Valleys near Fiordland.

As an older teenage tramping camp you will need to have reasonable level of fitness (so start training now) and will need to carry all your own food and gear with you as you tramp.

View of the start of the Caples Gorge
Map of our tramping location


We are tramping up the Caples Valley and back down the Greenstone valleys with a side trip into Steele Creek.

We will be casually tramping on average 20km each day to private huts along a very good condition track down. We pass over the stunning Mckellor Pass and will explore side valley of Steele Creek. Along the way we will see  breath-taking views of Mt Tutoko (Fiordland’s highest mountain), the Caples Gorge (with beautiful hidden swimming hole) and Lake McKellor (a back-country lake only accessible by foot).



Coming soon…

View from Caples Valley into Fraser Creek

Our Tramping Camps Feature...

Backcountry Huts

We will be staying in two private back-country huts* we have booked in the remote wilderness - these huts give us some shelter but are often cold meaning warm clothing is a must. But the scenery is amazing!

Fun and Games

With no power or cellphone coverage*, we have plenty of time to play cool games like "The Most Awesome Game in the World" and make our own fun in the wilderness.

* we have a satellite communicator for emergencies

Good Food

Tramping is all about walking, good company and eating food. Lots of snacks to build up your energy for tramping

Testimonials from previous tramping camps...

The tramping camp down the Hollyford [in 2019] was one of the best CYC camps I've ever been on.
2019 Junior Tramping Camp Camper
It was my first tramp and I had no idea what I was doing but that tramping trip down the South Coast was one of my best memories as a teenager. Now I'm in my twenties I'm still doing lots of tramping
2013 Tramping Camp Camper
I just wanted to thank you very much for the tramp in the Hollyford. [My daughter] loved it and she has been talking about it a lot since ... [she] came back further encouraged spiritually
2019 Junior Tramping Camp Parent
View down the Greenstone from Passburn Saddle

Essentials to know before you enroll...

These are essentials to know before you enrol in this tramping camp:

  • You will need good fitness and be able to walk at least 20km each day on the flat. You can start building fitness now by going for increasingly long walks each week.
  • You will need to carry all your own gear and food in a tramping pack. We will not carry your food, clothes or even your hairbrush for you. As an group tramping camp we will also be carrying shared equipment which you will need to carry your share of.
  • There are some essential gear requirements for tramping. These include the following non-negotiable items to keep you warm and safe in the wilderness:
    • Good boots with ankle support
    • Warm Sleeping Bag (not a “cheap warehouse one”) – ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL IT IS RATED TO -10oC or greater 
    • Waterproof rain jacket (not a “nylon parka”)
    • Good thermal layers (base, mid and top)
    • Waterproof dry bags or pack liner
  •  Our leadership consists of leaders with a combined total of over 100 years tramping experience in the wilderness.

2021 Junior Jungle Safari Camp


Come along to our Junior Jungle Safari Camp for school years 2 to 4.

Get a taste of camping and DISCOVER the fun that is CYC Waihola


Limited spaces so get in quick…

About this camp

3 days of ACTION PACKED Jungle fun

Aimed at helping younger children to experience CYC Waihola. 

This camp will have a higher ratio of leaders to campers, allowing us to give more time to support each individual camper get the most out of their camping experience. 

Campers will get to try out some of the awesome activities we have here at CYC, All with a JUNGLE twist. 

Journey into the jungle and discover the Adventure that awaits you…..

Camp Features

Fly like Tarzan

Agility training

Amazon Warrior training

Jungle Crafts

Learn to fly like Tarzan along our famous Zipline

Explore our jungle and make your way across obsticles to rescue the jungle animals

Learn to shoot arrows like the Amazons

Craft creatures from deep within the jungle