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Ever Wonder About God?

Have you ever wondered about God? You’re not alone. Most everyone comes to a point in their life where they wonder about God —whether He exists, what He’s like, and what He wants from them.

These are important questions. And if you just watched the Life in 6 Words: The GOSPEL video, you’ve gotten a glimpse of what the Bible has to say about these questions. Here’s a brief summary of what you just heard on the video:


You can find a more comprehensive explanation of these six truths here.

Just think, the God of the Universe longs for a personal relationship with you that’s available through Jesus’ work on the cross!  How can you enter into this amazing new relationship with God?

By placing your trust in Jesus alone to pay the price for your sin and open the doorway for you to receive the free gift of eternal life, a life in Christ that starts now and lasts forever.

Is there anything holding you back from putting your faith in Jesus right now to give you eternal life? If so, you can learn more here.

You can start a new relationship with God NOW!

The Bible tells us that our heart and soul are transformed when we put our trust in Jesus.  This decision to trust Christ launches you into a new relationship with God.  So, while saying a prayer isn’t what opens the door to this life-transforming relationship with God, a prayer is one way for you to express your new-found faith in Jesus. You might say something like this to God (check out the box to the right).

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“Dear God, I know that my sins have broken my relationship with you and that nothing I could do could ever change that. But right now, I believe that Jesus died in my place and rose again from the dead. I trust in Him to forgive me for my sins. Through faith in Him, I am entering an eternal relationship with you. Thank you for this free gift! Amen.”

Did you just place your faith in God through His Son Jesus?
(And clicking “yes” on the button below isn’t what saves you either…only faith in Jesus.)

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