Monthly Prayer Support




  • Monday 4th September 2017 at *** The Clark House Lounge ***
  • Monday 2nd October 2017 at *** The Clark House Lounge ***
  • Monday 6th November 2017 at  *** The Clark House Lounge ***

The first Monday of every month we run a low key get together to pray and chat about the CYC Waihola ministry.

We hope that we can involve some of the local supporters of the CYC ministry in the month to month happenings at our CYC Waihola camp-site.
It will be a time to be informed, a time to interact, and a time to pray. There is opportunity to see where God is leading us and to find our part to play in this ministry.

We can look together at the projects we are working on and providing up dates for the month ahead.

We can join together seeking the evidence of Gods grace and how we can move forward for the good of Gods people and the Glory of His Name within the CYC ministry.

So please join us at 9am first Monday of the month (unless otherwise advertised) at the Clark House Lounge (unless otherwise advertised) (right at the top of the driveway) for our prayer support meeting – if you can’t join us physically then please join us in praying for the CYC ministry where ever you maybe (1 Thessalonians 5:17).


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