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  • All attendees must register for health and safety purposes. You may still register as a visitor to attend the teaching sessions however we’ve done our catering orders so cannot cater for anyone else for meals – sorry!

About this Camp

CYC Waihola Family Camp is a camp of fellowship, teaching, discussion, great fun, good food and above all getting closer to God through His Holy Scriptures.

The camp is for all families, couples and individuals that desire to dig deeper into the historic faith of the Scriptures. CYC Waihola puts together this camp believing that the Bible is fully inspired by God and is the final authority on all matters of the Christian faith.

The Family Camp committee expects all those at camp to attend all meetings, fully support the camp programme and happily observe the posted camp rules. You will also be expected to assist with camp duties where possible.

Camp Speakers

Here are some of the speakers we have lined up to speak this year….

Logan Hagoort

Originally from the dairy farm in the Waikato, Logan has been married to Josella for 16 years and has been blessed with 4 children: Chloe, Isaiah, Sjannette, and Mia. He is now residing in South Auckland where he is the Minister of Covenant Presbyterian Church Manurewa. He is passionate about keeping the Church centered upon the simple things Jesus Christ has called it to do. He also teaches the Biblical Greek language for Grace Theological College in Auckland.

Centrality of worship for the Church, the individual, and the family: One of the central tasks for the Church and the Christian is to worship God, but what is worship? Why is it so important? Over these talks we will be looking through the Bible to try and understand the centrality of worship for the Church, the family, and the individual.

Trevor Webb

Trevor Webb (and his wife Mary) both became Christians at Lincoln University and were married in 1974. They are blessed with four daughters and four grandchildren. Trevor has been a ruling elder for over forty years in the Christchurch GPC congregation and they are now members of Grace Bible Church, Dunedin. Trevor has a passion to unfold the relevance of the Old Testament Scriptures.

How God kept the Jews through Captivity to Messiah. The 400-year period between the Testaments are often called ‘The Silent Years’. That is because there is no record of this period in Bible history. However, this does not mean that God was not at work! The talks will consider how God preserved his people in Babylon, Egypt and Judea. As in the Old Testament, there were times when God’s people flourished and times where they degenerated. There were heroes of the faith and corrupters of godliness. We will see how prophecy was being fulfilled and how the world was being prepared for the Gospel.

Mervyn Marshall

Mervyn Marshall lives in Gore with his wife Marjorie. He is an elder in the Grace Presbyterian Church of Gore and long serving member of the CYC Waihola Council. 


  • Covenantors in Scotland
  • John G Paton ” missionary to the New Hebrides”

Other Features of Family Camp 2021

Here are the other features of Family Camp this year.

Good Food

Amazing food is a well known feature of our family camps each year.

Children's Program

This year Hamish Smith (from Dunedin) is running our children's programme.
It is for age 5 to School Year 6.

Teenage Program

This year Jeff Coleman (from Firm Foundation NZ) is running our teenager's programme.
It is for School Year 7-11 only.

Afternoon Activities

Flying Fox, ArcheryTag and a Treasure Hunt will all feature at this year's Family Camp

2 Awesome movies

This year we also be screening in the afternoon 2 incredible Christian films:

Online Registration

All those attending Family Camp (even as day visitors or just for meals) must register online here:

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