2020 Adventure Camp

  • 10:00am Monday 13th - 5:30pm Friday 17th January 2020
  • Both boys and girls in school years 9 to 12 during 2020
  • $280 (includes transport to and from location)(Discounts may apply)

About this Camp

Adventure Camp takes on a new location in 2020 with a base set in the idyllic location that is Tautuku, located in the heart of the Catlins Rainforest.

This camp will have you in the great outdoors surrounded in beech wood forest vistas. 

Camp Features

Experience hiking, water based activities, an amazing race and much more at this action packed week of adventure


These are essentials to know before you enrol in this camp:

  • You will need good fitness and be able to walk at least 9km each day. You can start building your fitness now by going for increasingly long walks each week.
  • You will need to carry a day pack with spare clothes and your lunch/snacks at least once during camp (e.g. when we go exploring Lake Rere).
  • This camp will be a very active and action packed camp.

2020 Boys Summer Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 13th January - 2:30pm Friday 17th 2020
  • Boys in school years 5 to 8 in 2020
  • $190 (Discounts may apply)

About this Camp


There is a battle raging across the universe …
                       the Galactic Empire has taken a hold…
                              and the Rebel Alliance is needs …. you! 


Can you name all the Jedi masters?
Do you dream of being the best pod racer in the galaxy?

Then you need to come and join the Rebel Alliance and begin your Jedi training this summer at CYC Waihola.

Your Jedi training begins here


Begin your Jedi training and hone your speed, agility and mind through our specially crafted training centers


Have you got what it takes to traverse the heights of the Endor forest, discover the g-force
that is our CYC zipline

2020 Summer Pony Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 13th - 2:30pm Friday 17th January 2020
  • Girls in school years 8 to 11 during 2020
  • $280 if using a CYC Pony OR $220 if you bring your own horse

About this Camp

Here at CYC we love all things equine and we want to share this love with you – develop riding skills, do cool activities on your horses and make new friends.

This Pony Camp will teach the basics of horse care and horseback riding through fun activities based around our theme of the Wild West.

Camp Features

Daily activities will include: safety around horses, grooming, tacking, leading horses, and horseback riding. The girls will learn respect and responsibility through hands on care while learning about all aspects of horses.

Each camper is assigned their own horse to ride and care for the entire week. This “ownership” opportunity makes the riding experience more rewarding and introduces campers to the responsibilities and joys of having their own horse.

Important to know before enrolling

  • This very popular camp is limited to 18 spaces
  • Our horse and pony camps are enrolled on the basis of riding ability (rather than first enrolled first in). This is because we only have so many horses suited to each rider ability level so can take only so many beginner riders, only so many intermediate riders and only so many experienced riders.

2020 Girls Summer Camp

About this Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 6th January - 2:30pm Friday 10th January 2020
  • Girls in school year 5 to 8 in 2020
  • $190 (Discounts may apply)

Are you great at solving mysteries?

       Do you like adventure and excitement? 

               Are you bold, daring, fearless and brave?

We are putting together an intrepid team of Adventurous girls to help us locate the hidden treasure of Waihola.

Have you got what it takes?

Camp Features


Engage your bravery as you zip line over our chasm and trees


Use our latest high tech treasure hunting equipment to aid you in your travels

Cabin Challenges

Scale the many challenges with your teams as you work together to locate the mysteries of Waihola.