About this Camp

Oh, imagine a land, it’s a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam
Where you wander among every culture and tongue, 
as you wind through the streets at the fabled bazaars
with the cardamom-cluttered stalls.
You can smell every spice, 
while you haggle the price
 of the silks and the satin shawls
Oh, the music that plays
 as you move through a maze, 
in the haze of your pure delight. 
Come along and discover our Winter Camp laughter 
at our awesome CYC Camp
Come along to our 2021 Girls Winter Camp and learn about Esther and her courage and faith. While also experiencing all CYC has to offer in activities and some awesome down time crafts. 

Camp Features

Here is some of the features that you might get to experience at this camp…


Bubble Soccer

Disc Golf



Air Rifles

Mountain Boards

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