Date, Time and Location

Date: Saturday 10th March 2012

Time: Starting at 10am

Location: Paint-ball Field at CYC Waihola. This is right up the driveway to the right off Finlayson Road. See here for directions from Dunedin or here for our location map.

General Information


  • Game-play tickets cost $15 for those attending with youth groups and $20 for the general public. Tickets can be bought prior to the day  (ph 03 417 7120 or email or on the day.
  • Available for purchase during the day will be energy drinks, lollies, chocolate bars and a sausage sizzle.
  • Register your interest on our Facebook events at
  • You may bring your own marker guns and protective gear however marker guns must fire paint at slower than the 290fps if to be used. You must purchase paint from us at game-ticket prices.

CYC Waihola Paint-ball Trophy

The CYC Waihola Paint-ball Trophy was won by the Wyndham Warriors at our November paint-ball day and is up for grabs again at the March 2012 Paint-ball Day.

Can you take the Paint-ball Trophy from Wyndham or will they successfully defend their title?

Compete against other youth groups from Otago and Southland to take the trophy away at the end and earn the right to call yourselves the best youth group in the south!!!!

Youth groups may enter a team of 7 into the competition for the trophy.

More information will be available shortly.

Game Play

  • A purchased game consists of 100 rounds of paint-ball ammo – this maybe used throughout several rounds of play in the arena. If you run out of ammo during game play you will need to purchase another game ticket.
  • Several different game-play rules maybe used through out the day on request and will be explained by paint-ball marshalls on the day:
    • Capture the flag
    • Yellow vs Orange team elimination
    • Total Annihilation (all on all death-match)
  • Games will be organised into games of 2 teams – contact the CYC office or notify the ticketing desk on the day if you want to play as a team.

Conditions of Play

  • This Paint-ball day is a fund raising venture of Christian Youth Camps Waihola – therefore no refunds for unplayed game tickets purchased will be made.
  • Paint-ball has a high risk of injury and CYC Waihola or the paintball operator will not be held accountable for any injury sustained to person or property.
  • All persons must be at least 10 years of age to play.
  • The provided protective headgear must be worn at all times inside the arena
  • Shoes must be worn during gameplay.
  • Paint-ball ammunition must be purchased from CYC Waihola.
  • The CYC Waihola camp-site is an alcohol free and smoke-free area at all times. No alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the property
  • All instructions of Paint-ball operator and CYC Waihola staff must be adhered to for safety reasons.
  • Game-play will be organised as a first come first served basis on the day.
  • Personal Paint-ball markers used on the day must be used with our purchased paint-balls and must fire at slower than 290fps.

Last update: 31 January 2012

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