Fellowship day – 28th August 2021

Plan for the day:

  • Meet at the Main Lodge at 9:30 am.
  • Spend the morning doing various tasks around the campsite, spring cleaning, gardening/weeding, Maintanece. There will be a list of specific jobs on the day, don’t stress if you are not a skilled laborer there is a job for all!
  • Join us for a shared lunch to end the day, bring a plate to share, something will be provided so don’t stress. 

What to bring…

If you are able to please bring the following items:

  • Personal Safety Equipment: Safety glasses, Gardening gloves, Earmuffs, Etc.
  • Bring/Wear Gumboots & clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy.
  • Bring any spades, Shovels, gardening gloves, planting gear you have.
  • If you can bring a plate for a shared lunch we will have something to cover if you don’t bring anything.
  • Any Pruning gear you have.



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