Fellowship day – 28th November 2020

Fellowship day

Come join us for another fellowship day.

This is a day to get involved investing in camp. 

Whether you’re new to camp or a familiar face we would love you to join us on Saturday 28th November for a day of fellowship. Get to know some of our staff and long serving volunteers as we work around the camp together, getting some of the odd jobs done to better the camp. 

Plan for the day. 

  • Meet at camp at 9:30am.

  • Lunch at 12:30pm. Either bring your own lunch or something to share – we’ll provide something simple and hot drinks.

  • Unless you have to head off, stay for some ‘Friendly Competition’ in Archery Tag and have a chance to have some fun together before the day finishes. 

Pruning & wood-chipping

Gardening & weeding

Spring cleaning

Specific Jobs & Maintenance

What to bring…

If you are able to please bring the following items:

  • Personal safety Equipment: Safety glasses, Gardening gloves, Earmuffs, Etc.
  • Gardening tools: Spades, Shovels, Etc.
  • Any Pruning gear you have.

2020 CYC Thanksgiving Event


Everyone! Whether you have lead, prayed,  directed, cooked, spoken, visited or thought about CYC then this is for you. We want to say thank you to all of our supporters in all the different forms that is. 


This is going to be a wonderful time to come out to camp for the afternoon or evening, have a crack at some archery tag or challenge your kids to the assault course (the activities will be suited to the whether). Then there will be a dinner & dessert & then we will have a guest speaker or some testimonies. Think of it as a chance to come to camp, & do nothing except eat, listen,ch at and have heaps of fun!


Saturday 17th October 2020. At 3pm there will be some games & activities set up for you have some fun, or just to catch up with CYC family, then at 6pm a dinner & dessert followed by a guest speaker or testimonies.


At CYC Waihola in the Main Lodge.


We want to have an opportunity to encourage & thank those that support & serve at CYC. An opportunity to have fellowship and celebrate this epic ministry.