2021 Boys and Girls Autumn Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 19th April - 2:30pm Friday 23rd April 2021
  • Boys and Girls in School Years 5 - 8 in 2021
  • $190 (Discounts may apply at enrolment time)

Another exciting new camp has been added to our CYC Calendar.

Check out our brand new combined Boys and Girls Autumn Camp for school years 5 to 8. 

About this Camp

Come along and join our CYC style amazing race.

Each day you will discover a new destination as you race to complete challenges 

The world is waiting… GO! 

Camp Features

Here is some of the features that you might get to experience at this camp

Archery Tag​​

Disc Golf​

Mountain Boarding​


Rifle Shooting​


Zip Lining​

2020 Boys Winter Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 13th July - 2:30pm Friday 17th July 2020
  • Boys in school years 5 to 8 in 2020
  • $190 (Discounts may apply)

About this Camp

Are you faster than a speeding train?

Have the Archery skills of Hawk-Eye?

Can you lift more then the Hulk?

Then this is the camp for you…

Come along and hone your Superhero skills through our speciality training facilities plus unlock the truth of who the ultimate Superhero of all time is… 

Camp Features

Here is some of the features that you might get to experience at this camp…


Bubble Soccer

Disc Golf



Air Rifles

Mountain Boards

2019 Boys Summer Camp: MINECRAFT edition

Photos from the Camp

Camp Details

Are you feeling a little square and like life is one same block after another?

Do you want to get outside and have an adventure like no other this summer??

Do you love Minecraft and the never ending world of possibilities it brings???

If so take your love of Minecraft and need for adventure and sign up to our  Boys Summer Camp: MINECRAFT edition!


Come along and enjoy all our CYC summer camp activities like archery tag, go-carting, flying fox, air rifles and other CYC activities all with a minecraft spin throughout the week.

The camp is sure to be a a week of fun, outdoor adventure and  Minecraft related activities…

Enrol online

Dates: Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January 2019
Price: $190 (or $170 with early bird discount) [see camp fees page for more information]
Camp Venue: Main Lodge @ CYC Waihola [see map]
Camp Age Group: Boys in School Years 5 – 8 in 2019