2021 Boys Summer Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 4th January - 2:30pm Friday 8th January 2021
  • Boys in school Years 5 -8 in 2021
  • $190 (Discounts may apply)

About this Camp

Do you know your Charmanders from your Raichu’s?
Do you wish to train like Ash Ketchum and visit Lumiose City to battle at the Prism Tower?
Or are you like Pokédex and like to gather information on all the Pokemon you can?
Then do we have the camp for you!
Come along to CYC this summer and experience our twist on Pokémon. 
Even if none of the questions above make any sense … this epic camp is still for you!
We will have all the CYC activities you love to join in on along with cool Pokémon themed games and activities. 
Come Along and Catch’em All…

Camp Features

Here is some of the features that you might get to experience at this camp…

Archery Tag​

Disc Golf

Mountain Boarding


Rifle Shooting


Zip Lining

2021 Cycle Tour Camp

  • 10:30am Monday 11th January - 2:30pm Friday 15th January 2021
  • Co-Ed School Years 9 to 13 in 2021
  • $280 (includes transport to and from location and main meals) (discounts may apply)

About this cycle camp

We are reinventing an old favourite. With the resurgence of cycle trails popping up over Otago we thought it might be time to bring back the CYC Cycle Tour Camp. 

This camp is planned to take in sections of the Clutha Goild trail between Roxborough and Lawerence followed by some more local rides near Waihola

It will take in some stunning central Otago scenery and be a great time to catch up with some old friends. 

This camp will require a good level of fitness. 

2021 Girls Summer Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 11th January - 2:30pm Friday 15th January 2021
  • Girls in school Years 5 -8 in 2021
  • $190 (discounts may apply)

About this Camp

Calling all independent strong Wahine…
Do you have some awesome animal side kicks, a love of travel and the sea?
Then you need to turn and take the trail, along the path that will lead you back to CYC this summer for Moana Camp
Where every girl longs to be.

Come along and not only enjoy our traditional CYC activites but join in on some awesome Moana themed games and activities… honestly I could go on and on

Camp Features

Here is some of the features that you might get to experience at this camp…

Archery Tag​

Disc Golf

Mountain Boarding


Rifle Shooting


Zip Lining

2021 Horse Trek Camp

  • 10:30am Monday 4th January - 4pm Thursday 7th January 2021
  • Girls in school years 10 to 13 during 2021
  • $280 with a CYC horse (discounts may apply)
  • $220 if you bring your own suitable horse (discounts may apply)

About this Camp

Lush green hills…

Cool fresh forests…

Rolling sand dunes and crisp salt air….

What’s the one thing that could make these beautiful vistas better?

       Taking them in from the back our your favourite four legged friend of course!

Important to know before enrolling

  • This very popular camp is limited to 12 spaces
  • Our horse and pony camps are enrolled on the basis of riding ability (rather than first enrolled first in). This is because we only have so many horses suited to each rider ability level so can take only so many beginner riders, only so many intermediate riders and only so many experienced riders.

2020 Techno Camp

  • 10.30am 28th September - 2.30pm 2nd October 2020
  • Boys in School Year 8 to 11 in 2020
  • $220 (Discounts may apply)

About this Camp

  • Love computers – so do we and we thought lets get 20 of them and run a sweet camp for all those hard core gamers out there.

Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Crysis and other games have been played in the past at this sweet camp.

But don’t think its just computers we do at camp …. not at all … in the past we have also:

  • building some ultimate air bottle rockets that should get some serious air time
  • electronic project construction – have you ever built your own computer before?
  • using GPS’s with a twist
  • Drone raced 
Oh … and did I mention we spend an entire afternoon at camp paint-balling. That’s right paint-ball. Taking the computer gaming scenarios and computer game shooting from computer outside and apply it to …. well each other … with paint!!
Small Print: CYC Waihola does not condone shooting each other unless it’s done with love ……. and paint 🙂

There are only 20 spaces at this extremely popular camp – so get in early and Enrol online now.

2020 Junior Camp

  • 10.30am 5th October - 2.30pm 7th October​
  • Co-Ed Children School Years 2 to 4 in 2020​
  • $140 (Discounts may apply)


Come along to our first ever Junior Camp for school years 2 to 4.

Get a taste of camping and DISCOVER the fun that is CYC Waihola

Limited spaces so get in quick…

About this camp

3 days of ACTION PACKED Superhero fun

Aimed at helping younger children to experience CYC Waihola. 

This camp will have a higher ratio of leaders to campers, allowing us to give more time to support each individual camper get the most out of their camping experience. 

Campers will get to try out some of the awesome activities we have here at CYC, All with a superhero twist. 

Come along and discover your Superhero identity and learn who the Ultimate Superhero is….


Camp Features

Fly like Superman

Agility training

Shoot like Hawkeye

Super Sluthing

Learn to fly like Superman or Women along our famous Zipline

Partice your Superhero agility through our customised training course

Learn to shoot arrows like Hawkeye

Search for clues to find the super villans

Fellowship Day – 27th June 2020

Come join us for our first fellowship day of 2020 

This is a day to get involved investing in camp. 

Whether you’re new to camp or a familiar face we would love you to join us on the 27th for a day of fellowship. Get to know some of our staff and long serving volunteers as we work around the camp together, getting some of the odd jobs done to better the camp. 

Seeing as it will be getting close to the winter months, we will still be running the day even if it is bad weather-there are plenty of inside jobs needing to be done. 

Plan for the day. 

  • Meet at camp at 9:30am and at the Main Lodge. 
  • Lunch at 12:00pm. Either bring your own lunch or something to share – we’ll provide hot-dogs and hot drinks. 
  • Unless you have to head off, stay for some ‘Friendly Competition’ in Archery Tag and have a chance to have some fun together before the day finishes. 

What to bring…

If you are able please bring the following items:

  • Personal Safety Equipment: Safety Glasses, Gardening Gloves, Earmuffs,etc
  • Gardening Tools: Spades, Shovels, etc.


Fellowship Day Jobs…


Green thumb or not this is the perfect job to get out side and chat as you pull weeds.

Spring Cleaning

As Rapunzel from the Disney classic Tangled sings "nine a.n. the usual morning lineup. Start on the dusting & sweep till the bunk-rooms all clean. Polish & wax do windows & mop & shine up" There are plenty of different jobs needing to be done!


Try your hand at using 'giant gardening scissors' to prune the bushes and trees!

Who wouldn't want to do this?

2020 Southern Lads

  • 10:30am 6th July 2020 - 2:30pm 10th July 2020
  • Boys School Years 9 - 13
  • $220 - discounts may apply

About this camp

Come along and experience the skill of being a Southern Lad.

Get your hands dirty in the outdoors while enjoying good company and learning skills such as deer stalking and possum trapping along with other farm related work plus hut and track development in the back blocks of Tupeka West.

Sleeping in wool shed and being fed on good New Zealand tucker each day: Experience a sheep and beef farm like no other along side the legend that is ‘Alf Bradfield’

Sign up now and let your training begin…

Camp Features

This camp may feature building and sleeping in a back country hut, deer stalking, possum trapping, farm related work and much more! It is sure to involve good honest hard work with dirty hands and smelly ‘arm-pits’ coupled with a sense of accomplishment!!!

You will sleep in a wool shed and experience good New Zealand tucker each day.

2020 Teen Girls Camp

  • 10:30am 13th July 2020 - 2:30pm 17th July 2020
  • Girls School Years 9 to 12
  • $220 - discounts may apply

About this camp

Come and join us for this small but epic camp for teen girls.  Spend the week chilling with old friends and making new.

Learn about what defines us, how are we defined by God and how we can have a personal and meaningful relationship with Him.

Explore local surroundings through a range of outings and challenges. Look at creating portraits, natural beauty products, mirror craft and much more. 

A perfect way to unwind from the stresses of life. 

Camp Features: may include

Previous camps have featured

Photography: Learn how to get the most out of your phone camera or a traditional camera from the talented Lara Moss. Get out in nature and learn some of the tricks of the trade for creating instagram worthy posts that will amaze your followers. 

Town trips: Exploring the metropolis of Dunedin.

Craft: Creating your own take away art 

Chill: This has to be our most laid back camp. Spend the week re-energising yourself by chilling out with other teen girls.

2020 Discipleship Camp

  • 6:30pm 29th May - 2:30pm 1st June 2020
  • Co Ed School Years 11+ (whether it be polytech, tertiary studies or the workforce)
  • $110

About this camp

God means what he says. What he says goes. His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen and obey. Nothing and no one is impervious to God’s Word. We can’t get away from it—no matter what.

Hebrews 4:12-13

The focus of the Christian Discipleship Camp is to equip young people for life through Bible teaching, practical lessons and discussion.

You might be about to consider leaving home shortly – maybe to move onto studies and flatting, or perhaps a career and even starting your own family.

As we become adults in this crazy world we often come under pressure to conform to the ‘worlds wisdom’. It can be overwealming dealing with your friends and family that may view Christianity just a fairy story. We aim to give you encouragement, wisdom and tools to continue in strength with your walk with the Lord.

This camp is designed to help you live ALL of LIFE for GOD.

Topics covered include:

  • How does Christianity stack up compared to other religious worldviews?
  • How can we maintain our walk with the Lord once we leave home?
  • Christian Flatting: a howto guide!
  • What is my calling in life?
  • How are we to relate to the world?
  • Defending our faith against naysayers