Come join us for our second fellowship day of 2020 

This is a day to get involved investing in camp. 

Whether you’re new to camp or a familiar face we would love you to join us on Saturday 29th August for a day of fellowship. Get to know some of our staff and long serving volunteers as we work around the camp together, getting some of the odd jobs done to better the camp. 

As it is still winter, we will still be running the day even if it is bad weather, as we have plenty of inside jobs needing to be done.

Plan for the day. 

  • Meet at camp at 10:00am (or at 9am if you want to attend our AGM) at the Main Lodge, have some morning tea then get stuck into it.

  • Lunch at 1:00pm. Either bring your own lunch or something to share – we’ll provide something simple and hot drinks.

  • Unless you have to head off, stay for some ‘Friendly Competition’ in Archery Tag and have a chance to have some fun together before the day finishes. 

What to bring...

If you are able please bring the following items:

  • Personal Safety Equipment: Safety Glasses, Gardening Gloves, Earmuffs,etc
  • Gardening Tools: Spades, Shovels, etc.
  • Any pruning gear you have.


Green thumb or not this is the perfect job to get out side and chat as you pull weeds.

Spring Cleaning

As Rapunzel from the Disney classic Tangled sings "nine a.m. the usual morning lineup. Start on the dusting & sweep till the bunk-rooms all clean. Polish & wax do windows & mop & shine up" There are plenty of different jobs needing to be done!


Try your hand at using 'giant gardening scissors' to prune the bushes and trees!

Who wouldn't want to do this?

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