2020 Girls Summer Camp

About this Camp

  • 10.30am Monday 6th January - 2:30pm Friday 10th January 2020
  • Girls in school year 5 to 8 in 2020
  • $190 (Discounts may apply)

Are you great at solving mysteries?

       Do you like adventure and excitement? 

               Are you bold, daring, fearless and brave?

We are putting together an intrepid team of Adventurous girls to help us locate the hidden treasure of Waihola.

Have you got what it takes?

Camp Features


Engage your bravery as you zip line over our chasm and trees


Use our latest high tech treasure hunting equipment to aid you in your travels

Cabin Challenges

Scale the many challenges with your teams as you work together to locate the mysteries of Waihola. 

2019 Southern Lads Camp

Come along and experience the skill of being a Southern Lad.

Get your hands dirty in the outdoors while enjoying good company and learning skills such as deer stalking and possum trapping along with other farm related work plus hut and track development in the back blocks of Tupeka West.

Sleeping in wool shed and being fed on good New Zealand tucker each day: Experience a sheep and beef farm like no other along side the legend that is ‘Alf Bradfield’

Sign up now and let your training begin…

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Dates: Monday 8th – Friday 12th July 2019
Price: $220
Camp Venue: Tuapeka West
Camp Age Group: Boys in School Years 9 – 13 during 2019

2019 Teen Girls Camp

Come along and chill out with old friends and new at our Teen Girls Winter Camp

It can be stressful being a teen so come and take a week out and put your worries aside as you learn new crafts and master old ones.

Come along and discover activities like:

  • How to make eco friendly bees wax wraps- save the environment while being stylish
  • Create your own natural beauty products from easy to find ingredients
  • Tour the Dunedin Art trail and discover some international art
  • Visit one of our stunning local beaches and develop your photography skills

As well as many other activities throughout the week.

Learn about who God wants us to be  encouraged and uplifted in your walk with Him during our times of fellowship and learning.

Enroll online now

Dates: Monday 15th  – Friday 19th July 2019
Price: $220
Camp Venue: Homestead @ CYC Waihola [see map]
Camp Age Group: Girls in School Years 9 – 12 during 2019

2019 Boys Winter Camp

HUP TWO THREE FOUR… Your way over to CYC this winter

and discover:


Come along to CYC this winter and be trained in tactical skills like archery tag, zip lining, and other essential skills to help you become “army strong”

The camp is sure to be a a week of fun, outdoor adventure and Army themed experiences

Enroll online

Dates: Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July 2019
Price: $190 (or $170 with early bird discount) [see camp fees page for more information]
Camp Venue: Main Lodge @ CYC Waihola [see map]
Camp Age Group: Boys in School Years 5 – 8 in 2019

2019 Girls Winter Camp: Food Glorious Food

Do you like food, dream about food, play with your food, crave food, eat food?? Then this is the camp for you, join us at the Winter Girls Camp 2019 at CYC Waihola.

Girls Winter Camp at CYC features all the cool activities we usually do at CYC – Flying Fox, Archery Tag, Air Rifles, Bubble Soccer plus much more.

Come along and join in the Glorious Fun

Enroll online now

Dates: Monday 8th July 2019 – Friday 12th July 2019
Price: $190
Camp Venue: Main Lodge @ CYC Waihola [see map]
Camp Age Group: Girls in School Years 5 – 8

2019 Pony Camp

Here at CYC we love all things equine and we want to share this love with you – develop riding skills, do cool activities on your horses and make new friends.

This Pony Camp will teach the basics of horse care and horseback riding. Daily activities will include: safety around horses, grooming, tacking, leading horses, and horseback riding. The girls will learn respect and responsibility through hands on care while learning about all aspects of horses.

Each camper is assigned their own horse to ride and care for the entire week. This “ownership” opportunity makes the riding experience more rewarding and introduces campers to the responsibilities and joys of having their own horse.

This very popular camp is limited to 18 spaces and our horse and pony camps are enrolled on an ability basis (rather than first enrolled first in). This is because we only have so many horses suited to each rider ability level so can take only so many beginner riders, only so many intermediate riders and only so many experienced riders.

Pony Camp is now full, please enroll online to go on the waiting list. 

Enroll online here

Dates: Monday 15th April  – Friday 19th April 2019
Price: $280 ($220 if bring own suitable horse)
Camp Venue: Homestead @ CYC Waihola [see map]
Camp Age Group: Girls in School Years 8 – 11 during 2019

2019 Hunting Camp

Bag yourself a goat, rabbit, pig or even a deer at this specialty hunting camp.

The camp is run on a high country farm in East Otago. You get to experience the outdoors in hunting your own meals, sleeping in a wool shed for the week….and you don’t even have to shower for the week!!!

This camp is now full, enroll online for our wait list

Enroll online now

Dates: Monday 15th – Friday 19th April 2019
Price: $220
Camp Venue: Morrisons, East Otago ( see map )
Camp Age Group: Boys in School Years 9 – 12 in 2019

2018 First Aid Training + Refresher Courses

CYC Waihola is running a First-Aid Course.

Both the full and refresher courses will have an online/app component to be completed at home in your own time followed by 4.5 hours of in class training where you will be given hands on opportunities to practice CPR and dealing with choking, plus covering other essential first aid knowledge.

The training is open to anyone – you don’t need to be a CYC volunteer
Date: Saturday the 24th  November 2018
Price: If you are a director in 2019: FREE

If you are signed up to be a 2019 leader: FREE

All others $140

Camp Venue: CYC
Scenario Training For those that are keen we have the option of running an addition to the course that will run you through scenario training, this will be at no extra cost.Giving you additional skills in: management of an emergency, dealing with possible scenarios like burns or breaks, all in a safe and educational environment.

TO REGISTER EMAIL: info@cycwaihola.org.nz

Indicate whether they are full or refresher and also whether you are interested in the additional free scenario training.

2019 Horse Trek Camp


Photos from the Camp

Camp Details

Fresh air, Rolling hills, Lush green paddocks and the companionship of a horse…. what more could you want?
Enroll now at our CYC horse trek camp and share your passion of our large equine friends with others and make new friends who share your passion along the way.

Come and discover our spectacular scenery, set in the idyllic valley behind Waihola Township.

This ‘sweet as’ camp will have you trekking through the back country in serenity and quiet on the back of a horse to places that give you awesome views with some other pretty cool people. Get into God’s creation and explore it.

PLEASE NOTE: CYC Waihola has available approx 10. horses to campers however the enrolements that require a horse will be on a ‘experiential basis’ rather than ‘first in first served’ as not all our horses are suited for beginner riders.

I don’t need to say any more – Enrol online now

Dates: Wednesday 2nd January 2019 – Saturday 5th January 2019
Price: $280 – with CYC Horse [see camp fees page]
$220 – with own  horse
Camp Venue: Homestead @ CYC Waihola [see map]
Camp Age Group: Girls in School Years 9 – 13 in 2019

2019 Adventure Camp

Photos from the Camp

Camp Details

Adventure Camp… HANDS DOWN the most fun you will have this summer!

The CYC classic Adventure Camp is back for 2019. Spend the week soaking up the summer sun as you do all manner of “sweet as” adventure activities. In the past this camp has included: Paint-ball, Eeling, Kayaking, Raft Building, “Rodeoing”, Search and Rescue, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Fear Factor, Lake Biscuiting and much much more.

This camp is limited to 30 spaces so get in fast.

Enrol online now

Dates: Monday 31st December 2018  – Friday 4th January 2019
Price: $220 (or $200 with early bird discount) [see camp fees page for more information]
Camp Venue: Main Lodge @ CYC Waihola [see map]
Camp Age Group: Co-Ed Teenagers in School Years 9 – 12 in 2019